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The Life Insurance Reference Architecture
The Life and Annuties scenario is based on an Agent's Portal. This scenario exposes a rich UI via Silverlight and combines it with the power of SharePoint, Forms Services and the Business Data Catelog. The latest ACORD messages are used and have WS-* message exchange patterns (MEP) to show how these web services can be used in modern architectures.

Components include:
  • Site Template
  • Workflow Components (Policy Creation, Automated Services, Simulated Underwriting)
  • 4 Message Exchange Patterns (MEP) web services based all on ACORD for Paramed, Credit, MIB, Status
  • InfoPath Form based on the ACORD 103 Messages
  • Silverlight Web Part that show the 360 view of the customer
  • OCS Integration
  • 3 ACORD BDC Entities

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